If all users log in to the system using the same email and password:

  1. Copy an existing template and rename it in line 1 of Appointment details (e.g. ABC’s furnished template)
  2. Make the changes you want e.g. what rooms are included, what Items are included in each room and any standard item descriptions you want to apply (e.g. Appliances are usually white) as per 1 above.
  3. Preview the report.
  4. On your colleagues device Search Server for the report (e.g. ABC) – tap to download into report section
  5. Copy the report to be a Template and it will then be there to act as the start point for your report. 

For users operating under an Agent arrangement, each user has different email and password login:

  1. Follow steps 1-3.
  2. Go to the Inspector website – www.isurveyapps.com – login – inspector.
  3. Go to My Users.
  4. Go to View all report.
  5. Search for the report.
  6. Make a copy without photos of the report.
  7. On the new report go to Transfer to User – then select the appropriate colleague.
  8. Your colleague should then follow points 4 and 5 above.