Trained clients are happy clients - they give us great referrals and need less support. Trained clients use every aspect of the software, so generating maximum benefit for their business. They also push the boundaries of our product and provide us with feedback ensuring we have the fastest development cycle possible.

To book a training session, drop us a line here.


A highly effective solution for owners and managers of small businesses. We won’t just show you how to use the software – your trainer will take the time to show you just how flexible our software can be and how to implement it into your business model.

This training module covers the key aspects required for a particular product and lasts around 60 minutes.

In Person:

This is ideal for group training sessions and gives the opportunity for training delivery without the need to disrupt daily business operations by taking staff out of the office.

Your trainer will enable you to define best practice guides for your team to ensure reports are of a consistent standard across your organisation.

This will not only allow current staff to operate according to company procedures but will also accelerate integration of new staff.