You can have as many templates as you like - a bit like having different versions of Word documents or forms. You can have versions with or without furnishings, different room configurations to suit a flat versus a house etc.

You can even go as far as having templates for new properties where all Items are rated as 5 stars and all cleaning is rated 5 stars, saving time while at the property.

Similarly, you can allocate colours to items - e.g. most appliances and bathroom sinks/toilets/baths are white - so this can be pre-completed.

To create a new template, copy one of the existing templates to be an inventory, and customise it to how you like it. When finished, rename Line 1 of the address to, for example, 'X Company 2 Bedroom Unfurnished Template'.

Common changes are:

  1. Change the order of the rooms to suit the most common structure you encounter.
  2. Order the Items in the room to match how you like to compile inventories
  3. Add or delete Items as required.
  4. Input any conditions you think will be standard (e.g. white for appliances).

To copy the new report into a template, go back to the home screen, tap the circled '+' symbol to the right of the report, and select 'Copy Existing Report to Produce: Report Template'.

Once the new template has appeared, go into the template, scroll to the bottom of the menu, and click “Save Template”.